Christmas gifts for people who have everything they want

Buying thoughtful and delightful Christmas presents is difficult enough even before you consider attempting to buy gifts for people who have everything they want already . We all have these people in our lives – in my experience they fall into two camps: those who buy the things they want when they see them and those who don’t want very much in the first place. There’s something for everyone here.


In this age of busy-ness, giving someone your time is the greatest gift you can give someone. Why not try one of these together:

  • A lesson for a new activity you’ve always wanted to try (I received a voucher for a Segway tour last year that was incredibly fun)
  • A craft workshop (so many I could mention here! Lume lighting for fairy lights workshops and Porto Flowers for terrarium or wreath making workshops – just two of MANY local to me)
  • Cinema or theatre vouchers (why not try a local cinema rather than a chain. My local cinema, the Worthing dome, is a landmark in the town and is a delight to visit )
  • A mini-golf outing (try Junkyard Golf for something totally different to the game you might have played as a child)
  • Wine, beer or gin tasting (even though I’m not usually a beer drinker, I’ve had some excellent family (18+) fun times at Sambrook’s Brewery and Meantime Brewing)
I was delighted with my fairy lights when I attended this workshop, and Jo is a great teacher


There are so many local makers who conjure up the most delicious tasty treats – why not support your local independent craft food/drink maker and treat your loved ones to something a little bit different.

  • Local wine/ craft beer / local gin (If you’re local to me, why not try Worthing gin )
  • Chocolate (find out their favourite first. Mine’s Lindt orange intense this week!)
  • Make up a cute hamper of luxury versions of day to day items (The Sussex Produce Company would be perfect for this!)
  • Decadent candles (try these absolute beauties from local independent business SevenSeventeen)
Worthing gin
I cant wait to crack open a bottle of this at Christmas, made all the more special because its a local maker


We all take vast numbers of photos these days, adhering to the adage of “if there’s no photo evidence, did it really happen”. But when was the last time you printed some out? For time-poor people, printed photos are a fantastic gift to receive. You don’t even need to frame them (everyone has different tastes!).


  • A copy of your favourite book
  • A coffee table book of inspiration
  • A subscription to their favourite magazine (91 Magazine and The Simple Things are both absolute delights that have something for everyone)
  • Amazon vouchers so they can top up their kindle, perhaps accompanied by a list of your recommendations
91 magazine
What about a subscription to the very lovely 91 Magazine this year – there’s something for everyone in every issue and so many really inspiring contributors

So, what will you buy as gifts for people who have everything they want?

We’re also becoming more and more mindful of the impact of unwanted gifts and glittery wrapping paper on the environment so it’s time to call a halt on buying random gifts just for the sake of it – meaningful and consumable gifts are the way to go for those people who have everything. I’d love to hear your ideas too – please do get in touch here or via instagram if you have a great idea for gifts for people who have everything they want.

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