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New business ownerLondon, UK

Julia has a fantastic style as a coach; she is warm and friendly which made me feel like I can trust her and open up to her. Her questioning is extremely clear, direct and flows naturally. She has a way of working through the issue with simplicity, and coaches me into providing a clear, simple and concise action list. I would be extremely happy to work with Julia again, and I would easily recommend her to my friends and family. It’s been a great pleasure working with Julia and the impact of her coaching means that I am positively moving forward with my goals and I am seeing improved productivity

Wellness entrepreneurYork, UK

Julia's calm demeanor and friendly attitude helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable to ‘just give it a go’. I have a tendency to take on too much and flit from one goal to another, the way she structured the sessions really supported me to remain focused and stay on track with developing options to move forward. Working with Julia has given me the confidence boost I needed