Hi, I'm Julia Davies, coach for women who want to forge their own path in life and business

Julia Davies in Worthing

If you're stuck always being the "good girl", I'll guide you as you get in touch with your inner quiet rebel

You’re in the right place if you’ve been stuck in “good girl” mode for years and along the way you’ve forgotten what feels meaningful to YOU. If you’ve been carrying around lots of messy ideas and unmade decisions, I’ll support you as you find your way back to trusting yourself and help you work out what you really want from life and/or business. After a lifetime of asking “what should I be doing now”, you’ll finally give yourself permission to ask instead “what could I be doing now” – and then together we’ll make action plans that feel like a mixture of relief, inner squeals of joy, and a deep sense of fulfilment all in one!

Hi, I’m Julia Davies, business and life coach for women who are curious about their quiet rebel side. I juggle a flexible multi-passionate career of coaching and freelance editing so I can fully embrace my passion of being in or near the sea as much as the weather allows!  

I support quietly courageous women like you who want to forge their own path in life and business. I’m passionate about helping women create a life that feels truly like YOU, full of experiences that feel meaningful and work that genuinely works for you. 

Julia Davies at home in Worthing