Hi, I'm Julia Davies, coach for quiet rebels - introverts who question the status quo

Julia Davies in Worthing

I'll help you ditch hustle and hurry and instead put happiness and health at the heart of your life and business

If you were asked to choose between being happy and poor or unhappy and rich, I’m guessing you would choose to be happy. So why is it that many of us sacrifice our health and happiness in an effort to chase £££?

We end up burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and even bored, because we as a society value “hard work” over and above our wellbeing. It is THIS that I want to rebel against the most. 

In a culture that rewards toxic productivity and hustle, I’d love you to join me in being a quiet rebel – say no to busy, and start finding the joy in rest and fun. My mission in life is to help women like you to flourish at work AND to feel like your happiness and health matter too.


Hi, I’m Julia Davies – quiet rebel, introvert, paddleboarder, plant-hoarder, avid reader, lover of mini-adventures, and a life and business coach for women who work for themselves. My flexible multi-passionate career of coaching and freelance editing means I can fully embrace what feels meaningful to me in life: taking care of my personal wellbeing so I can show up at my best in life and business; spending quality time with family and friends instead of squashing them into the gaps around my work; and indulging my passion of being in or near the sea as much as the weather allows!  

I’m passionate about rebelling against what society says we “should” do, so that we can embrace work, rest and play in a way that genuinely meets our own wants and needs.

Julia Davies at home in Worthing
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