Hi, I'm Julia Davies, coach for quiet rebels - introverts who don't want to follow the "norms" in life and business

Julia Davies in Worthing

If you feel weighed down by "shoulds", you don't want what everyone else seems to want, or you're sick of everything revolving around work, you're in the right place

In a culture that seems to celebrate hustle, busyness, and money as a measure of success, I’d love you to break free from the norms and join me in being a quiet rebel

Being a quiet rebel is all about tuning into your own wants and needs and stepping away from what everyone else is doing. It’s about making your own rules in business. It’s about forging your own path in life. Instead of following the crowd, it’s about proactively creating a life that makes you feel the most WHOLEHEARTEDLY YOU you’ve ever felt.

If you’re interested in making changes to the way you live or work so you can shake off the “shoulds” that hold you back, regain control of your life from the clutches of your business, and feel confident working towards YOUR version of success instead of financial goals… you’re in the right place. Click below to find out about my current programmes.

Hi, I’m Julia Davies – quiet rebel, introvert, paddleboarder, plant-hoarder, avid reader, lover of mini-adventures, scientific editor, and a life and business coach for women who work for themselves. 

I’m passionate about rebelling against what society says we “should” do, particularly when it comes to running your own business. Instead I champion defining your own priorities, connecting with what success truly means to you, and giving yourself permission to break from the “norm”.

Julia Davies at home in Worthing

I’m a qualified coach with an analogy for every situation. My clients describe me as a cross between a big sister and a biz bestie. I go all in supporting my clients and nothing makes me happier than seeing a client starting to trust herself and her decisions. I’m an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) with a talent for combining mindset work with practical actionable steps forward.

If that sounds like exactly what you need, please do book a free chat to get to know me a little better and ask any questions you have.