5 things you can do TODAY to simplify your life

Here are 5 things you can do today to simplify your life. I know it can feel like there’s never any spare time in the day to sort out this complex juggle you’re always doing once and for all, but I promise that stopping and investing time now will help you later. Future you will thank you!

What can you do today to simplify your life?

  1. COOK | When you are making your dinner tonight, make at least twice as much as you usually do. Freeze the extra portions or eat one for lunch tomorrow. Never cook twice when you could cook once. Bonus points gained by acquiring a huge saucepan (I think mine holds up to 8 litres!) and making 10+ portions of soups/casseroles etc at a time. Future you will be so thankful and nourished!
  2. SCHEDULE | Ensure you have a flexible and failsafe method of recording things in your calendar. Deadlines, meetings, yoga classes, drinks with the girls, etc all need to be added to your calendar in a way that actually works. When you record a new commitment, ensure prep time, travel time and recovery time are accounted for. This tool is the cornerstone of a simpler life. For extra bonus simplicity points, colour code your calendar so you can immediately see whether there is balance between work, social life, exercise, etc.
  3. GATHER | Find all of the scraps of paper, random notes on your phone, lists in the back of several notebooks, etc. Decide what method you’re going to use and store all of your list items in one place. Cross off the things you never want/need to do. I bet there is something you can cross off right now. Consider if there’s anything on your list that could be done in a simpler way.
  4. CLEAR | Tidy your workspace for a sure-fire way to reduce the feelings of chaos and introduce some calm into your life. Use the 2-minute rule – if a task on your desk is sitting waiting to be completed and it will take 2 minutes or less, do it now.
  5. PAUSE | Make a cup of tea and just sit and drink it in your favourite spot. No screens, no diary, no podcasts, no to-do lists. Just let your brain take 5 minutes to process and relax, without any new information entering it. Bonus points if you schedule this 5-minute pause in your calendar for the next 5 days… and actually do it!

What action will you take today?

What could you do TODAY that future you would thank you for? I’d love to hear what you implement – get in touch here. If you’d like to hear more tips from me, sign up to my newsletter below. In my next newsletter, I’ll be sharing 5 simple tips for simplifying your Christmas.

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