Julia Davies at home in Worthing

Hi, I'm Julia Davies

Freelance editor, qualified coach and NLP practitioner, MedComms Alliance cofounder, beach enthusiast, bookworm, Yorkshire tea drinker, deep thinker, and quiet rebel

In 2015, I was working as a managing editor in a fast-paced (busy!) MedComms agency. I had a nice house within commuting distance of London, a well-paid job with a great view from my office window, and life was good. 

Have you ever asked yourself what your version of success looks like?

Everything changed for me when my partner had a paragliding accident (sidenote to say he’s fine now and has some impressive scars to show off). It taught us that life’s too short. I was living on autopilot, marching towards someone else’s version of success, but suddenly that wasn’t enough. 

I started questioning the status quo. Within a year we’d followed a shared dream of living on the coast and moved to Worthing, West Sussex. At the same time, I decided MedComms agency life was no longer for me, so I went freelance as a medical editor. I also trained as a coach and set up my coaching practice. 

Quietly rebelling against the status quo

To me, being a quiet rebel means questioning the messages from society / friends / family / social media around what you *should* be doing at work and in life… and making your own choices instead.

It’s not about rebelling just for the sake of making a scene or making life difficult for yourself and those around you – far from it (I’m actually a very gentle, introverted rebel!). It’s about CHOOSING how you want to live and work, instead of just doing things the way they’ve always been done. 

For me, being a quiet rebel looks like:

  • Rejecting hustle and rushing, which seem to be endemic in our modern society 
  • Scheduling life and wellbeing things like daily walks on the beach into my calendar BEFORE work things when planning my week
  • Rarely working a fixed 9-5 day – instead I flex my working week around good paddleboarding weather and tide times
  • Saying no to client calls before 10am – I require at least two quiet cups of Yorkshire tea before my introverted brain is at its best!
  • Deciding not to work my way up a career “ladder” – instead I lean in to being multipassionate and self-employed
  • Always questioning the status quo
Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing
Julia Davies in Worthing

I’ll leave you with this: 

How much of your life (or business) was your idea?

If you too flinch when someone suggests you do something the way things have always been done, I think we’ll be a great match. Click below to find out how we could work together…

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I’m a freelance medical editor with 15+ years of experience in the MedComms industry. 

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