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Julia Davies, life and business coach, at home in Worthing

Join me as I delve deeper into the peaks and pits of working for yourself – particularly when your overall ethos doesn’t align with society’s expectations and rules. I believe in taking care of your wellbeing as a priority and using work as a tool to support the life you want to live…

  • Let’s wave bye-bye to toxic productivity, overwhelm (and underwhelm, actually), and financial goals just for the sake of it (I want to know WHY you want those £10k months!)
  • Instead, say hi and welcome to intention setting that balances how you want to FEEL while working towards your biz goals, editing your business so it supports and nourishes you, and allowing all the parts of you to have their say (no more squishing down the awkward, introverted, slightly weird, quietly rebellious bits – they’re all welcome here)

There will be guaranteed mentions of setting goals that involve paddleboarding, celebration of having fingers in lots of pies (AKA being multipassionate!), and the occasional rant about how society is broken (!), plus gentle encouragement for my fellow introverts.

I’ll also of course share my current offerings with you and any special offers I’m running.

Here at Julia Davies Coaching, being intentional is a huge part of how I live day to day – including who I allow into my inbox. I feel privileged to be allowed into yours, so please rest assured that I will never fill your inbox with spammy emails.

If you’d like to find out more about me, click here to read about my journey into freelancing and setting up my coaching business.

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