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Part of my quiet rebellion against the status quo is being a multipassionate business owner… and that means that you could be a MedComms freelancer, a small independent biz in Worthing (West Sussex), a creative online business owner, or representing a global MedComms agency (and, thus, one massive page of my services isn’t going to work!).

So… I’ve divided my services into various sections below, but if you’d rather just have a chat to find out how we can work together, please feel free to book a virtual cuppa here.

My services

I support small business owners and freelancers who are overwhelmed (and/or underwhelmed!) to proactively create a life and business that feels better than just “fine”. If you’re striving for contentment rather than climbing the career ladder, we’re on the same page.

I offer 3-month coaching packages, one-off coaching sessions (with a month of email support), downloadable workbooks, and in-person workshops. 

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I’m super excited to be launching online courses specifically for MedComms freelancers this year! Some courses will be self-paced, and later in the year I am planning a live (online) group programme.

The first course will be for new freelancers. To hear more and be the first to be notified when the courses are released, please do sign up to my emails here (I promise I won’t jam-pack your inbox with spam!). 

Eleanor Steele (The MedComms Mentor) and I are partnering with the MedComms community to provide role-specific training and mentoring, people-focused business growth, and team wellbeing development.

You can follow us on LinkedIn or email me to find out more:

I’m a freelance scientific / medical editor with over 15 years’ experience in medical communications, medical education, and scientific publishing. To find out my current availability, please send me a message on LinkedIn or email 

Julia Davies, life and business coach, at home in Worthing

Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner or a larger agency, my mission is to help you switch off autopilot

...and do things YOUR way

It’s so easy when you’re busy to fall into being reactive rather than proactive – at any stage of business. 

My job as a coach is to support you as you step away from doing things “the way they’ve always been done” so you can forge your own path.

I worked with Julia to re-align some things in my business… She helped me create a vision for how I wanted my business to be run, and how to make it feel more “me”. Lots of lightbulb moments, some proper giggles and wonderful, insightful chats that led to real changes and results. Would absolutely recommend her coaching services to other business owners.

Sounds good, right?!

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Doing life and business on your own terms doesn't mean you have to do it on your own. Book a virtual cuppa here (Yorkshire tea for me, please) to chat about what's going on for you right now and have a conversation about how I could support you. 

Read my story

Find out what led me to embrace freelance life and set up my coaching practice, and discover my overall ethos that guides my work with both freelancers and large agencies.

Working with Julia has changed my attitude towards work so that I now have a sustainable way of making money, that I find creatively fulfilling, whilst also having the time to have a full social life and do the things I love to do outside of work.