Change your business to suit you, not the other way around. Your wants and needs MATTER!

Julia Davies Coaching has been created to help you prioritise HAPPINESS and HEALTH in your life and business (in whatever way works for you), instead of chasing 10K months because everyone else is

I’m guessing the reason you’re reading this is because you have a constant niggle that you don’t want to (or can’t) keep going the way you have been, that being “fine” isn’t good enough for you anymore

  • You’re sick of feeling guilty every time you leave your desk
  • Work-life balance sometimes seems like it’s just more stuff to add to your to do list (which already has a tendency to be loooooong)
  • You are kinda confused about your feelings towards your business – you love what you do but feel frustrated about how it seems to control your entire life
  • You feel a bit embarrassed sometimes – like you aren’t a “proper” business owner – because you want a greater depth to your lifestyle rather than more money
  • You know something has to change, but you don’t know where to start

If you’re ready to start prioritising happiness and health in life and business, read on…

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing

Working with Julia has changed my attitude towards work so that I now have a sustainable way of making money, that I find creatively fulfilling, whilst also having the time to have a full social life and do the things I love to do outside of work.

I believe we are at our happiest in life when we are proactive about creating a life that feels meaningful to us, instead of living life on autopilot taking cues from those around us. Tough question… how much of your life was your idea?

What if we put the same effort into meeting our wellbeing needs and planning the creative/leisure/health/play/joy parts of our lives as we put into planning our work?

Julia Davies at home in Worthing
  • Working with me, you’ll learn to start calling the shots in your business, moulding your business to YOUR wants and needs, so your life no longer has to revolve around work 24/7
  • I’ll help you set boundaries that allow you to recover your energy between client calls or maybe you’d like to set aside specific days for uninterrupted introverting?
  • You could ditch the shame about not fitting into the “business norms” and make your own rules around what works for you (goodbye Monday morning Zoom calls, hello starting your day with a guilt-free chapter of your book and a cuppa!). That relief when comparisonitis falls away will be a weight off your shoulders.
  • Can you imagine replacing the Sunday night dreads with tingly excitement because you’re starting the week with a nourishing yoga session or sea swim?
  • Instead of dragging yourself from Monday morning coffee to Friday evening gin, imagine a life where you feel nourished and well-rested throughout the week. 

Sounds good, right?!

So, how can we work together?

I’m an honest and gentle coach, and incredibly supportive. I’ve got an analogy for every situation to help you understand what’s going on when you feel stuck. My clients describe me as a cross between a big sister and a biz bestie!

Being an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) means I’m a master at balancing the mindset work with being super practical. Working with me, you’ll feel like you’re able to finally trust your inner voice (ignoring all the external noise from society) and confidently make decisions that truly meet your wants and needs. 

Julia has a fantastic style as a coach; she is warm and friendly which made me feel like I can trust her and open up to her. Several times she provided me with some real ‘light bulb’ moments. 

SOLUTION SESSIONS: one-off coaching session

A one-off session to help you untangle that thing you’re going round in circles with… and figure out what’s next.

This session is to provide you with focused support on one thing in your life/business – whether that’s your boundaries, a new way of working, habits, or figuring out how to get a better work-life balance… it’s up to you.

NAVIGATE: a 3-month programme of 1-to-1 coaching

This is for you if you want longer term support with prioritising happiness and health in your life and at work.

My style brings together practical aspects plus a mindset approach. I’ll share tools to help you cultivate happiness, and help you prioritise your wellbeing. If you’re sick of work taking over your life but you feel guilty when you’re not working, this programme’s for you.


THE QUIET REBEL CLUB: a 3-month group programme for introverts

The QUIET REBEL CLUB programme is for introverted women who work for themselves and love their work, and yet you believe there is more to life than work. I’ll help you make changes to your business to suit YOUR wants and needs, instead of it always feeling like your business calls the shots. 

As your coach, I’ll take a holistic view of your life and business – because as an business owner they’ll always be intertwined. I’ll support you to ensure you are feeling at your best and living a life you love, so you and your business can continue to thrive in the long term.


Current programme starts Sept 2021. Sign up to my newsletter to hear when the next round launches.