Julia Davies Coaching has been created with you in mind – to support women who want to ditch the “good girl” mindset and embrace their inner quiet rebel

By clarifying our own priorities and values, and listening to our own intuition, there's no longer a need to compare ourselves or to pursue society’s expectations

Maybe you’ve never found the time to think about where your life and/or business is heading, or maybe you’ve actively avoided thinking about it, like I used to. As your coach, I’m not here to provide answers, I’m here to ask questions to help you uncover your own answers.

Only you truly know what you want and need – even if that knowledge is deeply buried at the moment. Coaching is an opportunity to explore ideas or ambitions that keep whispering to you. Or maybe you currently have no idea what you want after years of looking to others (family/friends/society) for the right thing to do – I’ve been there too and I am now an expert at helping you work out what’s next.

I believe we are at our happiest in life when we are proactive about creating a life that feels meaningful to us, instead of living life on autopilot taking cues from those around us. My aim is to help you give yourself permission to ditch the “good girl” mindset and fully embrace the quiet rebel inside you – she has many fulfilling adventures planned for you if you dare to listen to her!

Julia Davies at home in Worthing

How we can work together:

REBEL RESET: a comprehensive programme of 1-to-1 and group coaching for women who work for themselves

My REBEL RESET programme is for women who work for themselves who are looking for less hassle and hustle and more joy and ease. This programme is for you if you love your work, and yet you believe there is more to life than work. As your coach, I’ll take a holistic view of your life and business – because as an entrepreneur they’ll always be intertwined. I’ll support you to ensure you are feeling at your best and living a life you love, so you and your business can continue to thrive in the long term.

NAVIGATE: a 3-month programme of 1-to-1 life coaching

This is for you if you need support with building a life or business that feels more meaningful to you. We’ll untangle the messy ideas and unmade decisions you’ve been carrying, and then we’ll make plans that make your heart leap! You’ll dare to give yourself permission to break the mould, and I’ll support you as you look within to discover what success looks like to you personally. I’ll teach you how to cultivate happiness and fulfilment to set you up for a life full of meaningful moments.