Hi, I'm Julia Davies – life and business coach in Worthing, West Sussex

Hi, I’m Julia Davies, a quiet rebel, introvert, down to earth, sea-obsessed, plant hoarder, and instigator of mini-adventures. I live on the coast in Worthing, Sussex, with my partner who I met underwater in the Philippines on a coral reef conservation project. I’m a freelance scientific editor and a life and business coach for women who work for themselves (or who want to work for themselves!).

From “good girl” to quiet rebel

I spent most of my childhood and much of adulthood being a good girl. I got good grades and went to uni to get a good degree then I got a series of good jobs. 

Everything changed six years ago when my partner had a paragliding accident. We realised working towards society’s version of success (career, marriage, kids, house in the suburbs) wasn’t making us happy. It made us stop and ask ourselves why we were waiting to do the things we dreamt of.

Within a year we’d followed our dream of moving to the coast, and I quit my “good” job and embraced the freedom and flexibility of freelance life as an editor, followed by training as a coach. 

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing

Questioning the "shoulds"

To me, being a quiet rebel means questioning the messages from society/friends/family around what we “should” be doing at work and in life. In a culture that rewards “more/better/faster”, I’d love you to join me in being a quiet rebel – say no to busy and hurry, say no to people pleasing, say no to presenteeism at work, say no to money as a symbol of status, and say no to career success at the expense of our wellbeing.

Let’s start exploring the joy that comes from a genuine balance of work, rest and play. Let’s focus on happiness and meaningful moments and fulfilment.

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing

How much of your life was your idea?

Six years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to identify very much in my life that I’d chosen intentionally. Now, the opposite is true. Life feels very intentional – with a real balance of work, rest and play, and lots of white space for spontaneity too!

I have now defined what success means to me, including: being able to go to the beach every day; having flexible work that means I can put my wellbeing at the top of my priority list; and not saving “life” just for the weekends.

I also make my own rules in my business (no calls before 10am!). My editing and coaching are flexible jobs that enable me to down tools when the weather is right – yes, even during the work day (!) – and head to the beach with my paddleboard for a revitalising lungful of fresh, salty air.

Now it’s my mission to encourage other women to embrace being happy NOW!

My partner’s accident was a wake-up call to make me start living life proactively instead of on autopilot. I don’t want you to have to go through the trauma I did before you start prioritising happiness and health. Honestly, what are you waiting for?! 

I work with women who are ready to learn about themselves and build a meaningful life alongside fulfilling work. I’d love to be your guide as you proactively creating a life that makes you feel the most WHOLEHEARTEDLY YOU you’ve ever felt.