Hi, I'm Julia Davies – a life coach based in Worthing, UK

Hi, I’m Julia Davies, aka The Simplicity Strategist, nice to meet you. I’m a qualified life coach living in Worthing with a passion for simplicity, houseplants and Yorkshire tea. To some, living a simple life may conjure up images of growing your own vegetables and making your own sloe gin… but my veg comes from Sainsburys and if I’m honest I prefer Bombay Sapphire. To me simplicity is more to do with listening to yourself and acting on your own wants and needs, rather than conforming to the external noise, expectations and obligations of society. I work with quietly courageous women who are ready to learn about themselves and build a fulfilling, wholesome life that’s meaningful to them.

Julia Davies, life coach based in Worthing, Sussex

Life is simpler when you do what works for you instead of following the crowd.
CHOOSE your life, don't just let life happen by default

How my life became simpler

Julia Davies, life coach based in Worthing, UK

In my early 30s, I felt like a giant failure. My friends and siblings had high-flying careers in London, cool apartments in the city, were getting married and having children… all the things successful people are “supposed” to be doing in their 30s. I compared myself to society’s definitions of success, and I didn’t measure up.


When I started my coaching journey, I learnt that I could define what success means to me, rather than using society’s (or family/friends) definition of success. I realised I didn’t want all the things I was supposed to want (career, marriage, kids etc.), and I was living exactly the life I had secretly dreamt of for years! I had a lovely house with a big garden 10 minutes’ walk from the sea; I had my own very flexible business; and my days were filled with nourishing and meaningful mini-adventures. Suddenly, all of my comparisonitis and overthinking slipped away, and life felt much simpler, because I was focusing on what I could do, not what I should do.


As a coach, I believe that you already have all of the answers inside you. You know what you want and need – even if those are deeply buried at the moment. My aim is to help you stop looking to others (family/friends/society) to work out what it is you want, and uncover your own true hopes and dreams – life becomes simpler the more you get to know yourself.

From my corporate career in London, to becoming a life coach in Worthing

I grew up in London and went to uni in London, so it was a given that I would work in London too – I never even considered that there were any alternatives. When it came to buying a house, we decided to give country life a try and moved to Bedfordshire. I commuted to London for 3 years before persuading my employer that I could be more productive if I worked from home 3 days a week instead. It was a learning curve for me and for my colleagues, but it worked. I gradually realised that I didn’t have to be in London to do my job. A couple of years later I went freelance and started to work from home full time.


Despite living about as far away from the sea as you can in the UK, I had always known I wanted to live by the sea “one day”. We spent Christmas 2015 in a beautiful house in Dorset overlooking the beach – 2 weeks later we’d decided to move to the coast and our house in Bedfordshire was on the market. My partner had recently recovered from a paragliding accident – the shock definitely made us evaluate what we wanted our lives to look like.


When I moved to Worthing, I felt like I had come home. Life feels simpler, easier. I work mostly from my home office – popping to the beach most days for a revitalising lungful of fresh, salty air. While working as an editor, I decided to train as a coach. I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of a career for life, and when the idea of a “portfolio career” presented itself, I jumped at it. I now balance being a freelance scientific editor with being a life coach in Worthing from my home office, and I am open to adding new strings to my bow in the future too.


I spent years reaching for success on other peoples’ terms… having a “proper” job in London, beating myself up about not being as career-minded as my friends, and traipsing around London going to trendy places that are the antithesis of my ideal night out (because actually my ideal evening is a night in!). It was a monumental relief when I started defining my own success and making my own rules in my business. I love helping other people work out what success means to them, and enjoy a life and work that really works for them rather than a life that they fell into by default.


So if you’re currently wondering how you can escape from the life you seem to have built by accident, I’ve can help you feel the most “you” you’ve ever felt. I’ve supported people to create meaningful changes in their lives to help them “simply thrive”, and I’d love to support you too. If you’d like to ask any questions about how coaching could work for you, and just have a chat to check we “click”, please do book a free virtual coffee.


Is it time for you to start building a life you don’t need to escape from?

Worthing beach by Julia Davies, life coach

Conversation starters

Just in case you want to drop me an email or book a virtual coffee and you want to make sure we’ve got something to talk about…

  • I’m obsessed with the sea and even met my partner while on a coral reef conservation project in the Philippines
  • Discovering new things excites me, and I love adventures great and small: from encountering weird and wonderful creatures in the ocean in Indonesia to just walking a different route to my local shops
  • I am a scientific editor as well as a coach. I also dream of being a potter, running a glamping campsite, having a farm, and being a forensic scientist – suffice to say, I’m multi-passionate!
  • I love to travel and have a constant tug of war in my head about whether to sell everything and buy a campervan
  • Crap jokes are my favourite (please feel free to put my partner out of his misery and give me some new material to torture him with!)
  • Like many introverts, I find small talk difficult as I would much rather connect with someone (even someone I've just met!) over a deep and meaningful conversation
  • I will always say yes to a cup of tea, even if I've already got one