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Hi, I'm Julia Davies

Business Big Sister for introverted female founders

In 2015, I learnt that life's too short

In 2015, my life was “fine”. But, in reality, the career I’d spent 10 years building had me in tears every other night. And the place I lived bored me, but it was convenient to get to work.

But everything changed for me when my partner had a paragliding accident (sidenote to say he’s fine now and has some impressive scars to show off). It taught us that life’s too short to keep living on autopilot, marching towards someone else’s version of success.

Within a year we’d moved to the seaside town Worthing, West Sussex, and I started working for myself. Thus began the transformation from “good girl” to “quiet rebel”.

Rebelling means doing what FEELS good instead of what LOOKS good

From good girl to quiet rebel

To me, being a quiet rebel means questioning the messages from society / friends / family / instagram around what you *should* be doing at work and in life… and making your own rules instead! 

It’s not about rebelling just for the sake of making a scene or making life difficult for yourself and those around you – far from it (I’m actually a very gentle, introverted rebel!). It’s about CHOOSING how you want to live and work, instead of just doing things the way they’ve always been done. 

For me, being a quiet rebel looks like:

  • Making daily walks on the beach a higher priority than everything else on my to do list
  • Rarely working 9-5 – instead I flex my working week around my wellbeing needs and good paddleboarding weather
  • Saying no to client calls before 10am – nobody needs to see me before I’ve had at least 2 cups of Yorkshire tea!
  • Rejecting the term “coach” when I describe what I do because the hustle and underhand marketing tactics just don’t feel like me. I prefer “Business Big Sister”
Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing

If you think you’d like to try on the quiet rebel hat too, I’d love to have a chat. In case you’re a massive introvert like me, I’ve added some conversation starters on the booking page to make it easier to get through the small talk!

Your Business Big Sister

I’m guessing, like me, you left your full-time role a couple of years ago because it just wasn’t working for you anymore. You wanted more flexibility and freedom – you dreamt of more day-to-day adventures, you were relieved to finally have more time to take care of your wellbeing properly, and you were excited to be able to work with like-minded clients

But when you work for yourself it doesn’t always work out that way, does it?! 

Over the last 6+ years of working for myself, I’ve been constantly experimenting with different tools, I’ve had coaching, I’ve (finally) learnt the power of saying no, I’ve started to trust myself and my decisions, and I’ve learnt to balance making money with having an actual life. And now I want to help you thrive too – life doesn’t have to be a cycle of craving more from life/work and then total overwhelm, on repeat.

If you'd like some nurturing and supportive coaching to help you thrive as an introverted business owner, I'd love to help!

Julia Davies in Worthing

Let’s start exploring the joy that comes from a genuine balance of work, rest and play. Let’s focus on happiness and meaningful moments and fulfilment – life’s too short not to, isn’t it?!