Evolve Voxer Day

Julia Davies, life and business coach, at home in Worthing


A whole day focused on shaping your business so it meets YOUR wants and needs - Step into that CEO role and make your business work for YOU!

A Voxer Day is to provide you with space to explore all the ideas and thoughts you’ve been gathering, and piece them together building up a clear picture of what’s next for you. 

If you dreamt of a life less ordinary when you started your business – but now that feels out of reach – let’s hit reset.

Whether you want to rethink your current business, add a new service, or explore avenues that mean you actually work less… you’ll end our day together with new clarity, confidence and motivation to take action to create that business and lifestyle you’re craving.

Since working with Julia I have a better work life balance and I have learned that play and rest are essential parts of my work – and this has been life changing!

With 7+ years of working for myself (as a freelance editor and as a coach), I will share my experience and expertise, giving you feedback and asking impactful questions to help you go from overthinking and overwhelmed to a sigh of relief as you finally can see a way forward.

Here are a few areas I’ve helped clients with:

  • Designing a new service that works around family needs
  • Putting in place processes and boundaries within the business, to take steps away from burnout
  • Exploring what self-care looks like as a business owner and building that into your business strategy
  • Adding a new service that means you can work less, so you have more time and energy outside of work

“A life less ordinary” means different things to each of us – whether you want to shape your business around your health, your introversion, you just want to spend more time at the beach, or you want to support loved ones… I’ll help you become the type of boss who gives you permission to do things your way.


Join me for a Voxer Day and you’ll receive:​

Julia Davies, life coach, drinking a cup of tea

Investment: £195

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