A 6-week programme of holistic life and business coaching for women who work for themselves

Julia Davies in Worthing

This programme is for you if you work for yourself and love your job but want a little extra support moving your business forward in a way that feels really good and sustainable in the long term. If you’re sick of hearing the word “should” everywhere you turn, I’m here to help you explore the “coulds” instead. If you are working your socks off and feel totally overwhelmed, I’ll help you set and stick to boundaries that support the flexible and fulfilling life you want to be living. Maybe you’re just feeling like you don’t want to do everything on your own any more – I hear you, and I’m here for you.

We are often told that working for ourselves is a rollercoaster. What I want for you is to be on the metaphorical rollercoaster that is exhilarating and makes you scream from time to time, but when you get off – despite feeling a bit wobbly – you immediately join the back of the queue to have another ride! If you’re currently on the type of rollercoaster that makes you feel so queasy you have to opt out for the rest of the day, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this programme we’ll take a holistic view of your life and work – because when you work for yourself they are, of course, intrinsically linked. With my support you’ll re-create the foundations of your business – solid foundations from where you can grow a thriving business that really works for you. We’ll rip up that rulebook and instead you’ll decide what’s going to actually work for you.

It will be a combination of 1-to-1 coaching sessions with that personalised support that you need to move your business forward, plus all the benefits of a group programme including training, group mentoring and a community of people who really get where you’re at right now.

This programme has been designed for you if:

  • You love the work you do but you know it’s not currently serving you well – it often leaves you feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and like chucking it all in
  • Either you’re new to working for yourself and you want to put good foundations in place from the start; or you’ve been running your business for a while and it’s time to go back and revisit those foundations to make sure they are really working for you
  • You want to build a nourishing and creative life in which you can flourish, with a focus on establishing that fulfilment and flexibility you crave
  • You dream of doing good in the world, having great adventures, and living a contented life filled with happy memories and meaningful moments
  • Expectations and obligations from society and your family and friends are becoming too heavy to carry – if you hear the word “should” once more, you’re brain might explode
  • You never seem to have time to do things that feel meaningful to you – whether that’s working on a creative project or learning a new skill, it always seems to drop off the bottom of your to do list
  • You have such good intentions when it comes to boundaries, and you admire other people who seem to keep to them, but saying no to anything feels totally out of reach for you
  • You go through cycles of taking good care of yourself but find it impossible to be consistent with the things you know make you feel good day to day
  • The thought of someone being there for you and giving you a pep talk when everything feels chaotic makes you breathe a huge sigh of relief

What you can expect:

This programme is a combination of group support to help you build the foundations so you can start to really thrive in your business PLUS 1-to-1 coaching to help you achieve your specific personal/business goals. 

Personalised 1-to-1 coaching

You’ll have two coaching sessions during the programme. These are to help you move forward with your own personal goals – these can be related to life or business, it’s your choice. It’s a great opportunity to discuss any meaningful changes you’d like to make or untangle any messy ideas you’ve been carrying around for a while.

Group trainings 

Every 2 weeks we’ll cover one pillar of the foundations of a thriving rebel business.

  • Your vision: What do you actually want?! If your current reality isn’t matching up with what you hoped entrepreneurial life would be like, I’ll help you dig deep into how you really want your day to day life to look. I’ll support you as you define what success means to you, and then take action to start living the life you were dreaming of, building a solid foundation from where you can grow your business
  • Self-care as part of your business strategy. We’re all familiar with the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, and I believe you can’t run a thriving business unless you are thriving yourself. Putting your own needs first isn’t selfish, it’s an essential part of your business strategy.
  • Rule making and rule breaking. I’ll support you as you start doing business in a way that actually works for you. “Shoulds” have no place in building a rebel business; you’re truly in charge when it comes to making rules that are going to support your business in the long term.

A supportive community

Working for yourself can be lonely, and spending hours googling all the things is really time consuming! By leaning into the community aspect of a group programme, you will always have someone there to support you when you’re having one of “those” days, people to answer your more practical questions, and people there who will cheer you on when you’re making big leaps. Sometimes all you need is the reassurance of someone saying they’ve felt that way too.

Why work with me:

Julia Davies in the forest in Worthing

Here’s what one of my recent clients said after a 3-month coaching programme working holistically on her life and business:

Working with Julia has changed my attitude towards work so that I now have a sustainable way of making money, that I find creatively fulfilling, whilst also having the time to have a full social life and do the things I love to do outside of work. I now plan out my personal and social life first rather than letting work be the priority. I have a better system in place for the future when taking on work so I don't get overwhelmed. I have written a financial plan, something that I was pretty terrified of, and I have created a website for a new part of my business. She gave me more confidence and belief in my ability and I've learned so many things that I will implement outside of the sessions. I can't thank her enough!
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Join me on this brand new Rebel Reset programme, and you'll receive:

The programme is currently in progress and will reopen in January 2021