A 3-month coaching programme for quietly courageous women who are ready to build a life and business on their own terms

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Maybe you’ve never found the time to think about where your life is heading, or maybe (like I used to) you actively avoid thinking about the future as it’s too overwhelming and scary. As your coach, I believe that you already have all of the answers inside you. My aim is to help you stop looking to others (family/friends/society) to work out what it is you want, and dare to give yourself permission to acknowledge what you really want deep down. I’ll guide you towards discovering what’s really right for you rather than what you think you “should” do.

We’ll untangle the messy ideas and unmade decisions you’ve been carrying for ages, and then we’ll make plans that make you breathe a sigh of relief because they feel so right. You’ll dare to give yourself permission to break the mould, and I’ll support you as you look within to discover what success looks like to you personally. I’ll teach you how to cultivate happiness and fulfilment to set you up for a life full of meaningful moments.


I’ll support you as you start to give yourself permission to let go of the need to be the "good girl" and instead start to forge your own path in life and business

This programme is for you if you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re just not sure what to do next. You know you’d like life to feel a bit more meaningful. Maybe you’re considering how on earth you got into your current situation because you certainly wouldn’t choose it now if you were given a chance to redo some of your past choices. Perhaps you’ve realised that you’ve been following the crowd and taken on board every piece of advice that others have passed your way, and now it’s time to make some decisions of your own – but it’s been so long since you made your own choices and listened to your intuition that you need some support with that.

This programme has been designed for you if:

  • You feel stuck being the “good girl” – this could show up as people-pleasing tendencies, a need to make your family proud, or a feeling like you need to be sensible and follow the expectations society has for you
  • You’re beginning to feel trapped by the work you do and you’re not sure whether you ever really enjoyed it
  • You have ideas about what you might want to do instead of your current career, but you feel like these only belong in a dream
  • You’ve always made sensible decisions before but they aren’t making you happy any more – you feel it might finally be time to forge your own path
  • You never seem to have time to do things that feel meaningful to you – whether that’s working on a creative project or learning a new skill, it always seems to drop off the bottom of your to do list
  • The thought of someone being there holding you accountable and giving you a pep talk when everything feels chaotic makes you breathe a huge sigh of relief
  • You go through cycles of taking good care of yourself but find it impossible to be consistent with the things you know make you feel good day to day
  • You dream of doing good in the world, having great adventures, and living a contented life filled with happy memories and meaningful moments… but you’ve no idea where to start to make this dream into reality

Do any of these sound like you?

What you can expect:

Once we have worked out together what you want your life and business to look like, we break things down into manageable chunks and get to work making a solid strategy of how to get you there. We explore what options you have available to you, and then make an action plan of how you’re going to move forward. I’ll be next to you every step of the way, believing in you, giving accountability, and supporting you. When you have my support, you really know about it – I’ll be your cheerleader when you have something to celebrate and I’ll be there with a pep talk when you’re feeling a bit lost.

  • We’ll start off with a 90-min call (or face to face if you live near me in Worthing or just fancy a trip to the coast!). This session we’ll chat about how we both like to work and I’ll make sure all your questions are answered. We’ll make a start on getting clear on where you are now and what direction you’d like to be heading in
  • Once a month we’ll have a call and we’ll review how things have been going and clarify what you want to work on going forward. We’ll chat through anything you’ve been finding challenging and celebrate any wins. I’ll send you off with a solid action plan
  • Between sessions you’ll have access to me on email and Voxer during office hours
  • I’ll also be your accountability buddy (if you want me to!). I’ll check in with you weekly regarding any actions you’ve asked me to hold you to… but I won’t tell you off if you’ve not done them – we can explore what’s been holding you back in a future session
  • Each person’s journey will be different so your sessions will be tailored to your needs

Why work with me:

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing
I felt like a limpet on a rock - I was well and truly stuck. Stuck by 'shoulds', stuck by the weight of others' expectations, and glued down by my own dis-empowering thoughts and actions. With Julia's support, I have been able to loosen my grip on the rock, which has meant loosening my grip on many deep-rooted beliefs. I feel hopeful and excited (sometimes terrified, but mostly excited), and incredibly empowered.
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HR Professional and Trainee Coach


Join me on this journey and you'll receive:

Investment: £595 for 3 months of personal support