Magic Mondays

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing


A 6-week group programme to take you from feeling "fine", to starting each week excited for the possibility of what it might hold

Let yourself dream of a world where you aren’t chained to your desk 24/7 – you also experience a “life less ordinary”, whatever that means for you!

How awesome would it be to feel like you’ve actually got pockets of time to do things just for you? And your wellbeing needs become a priority – something you look forward to – rather than just another thing on your massive to-do list. Just imagine.

Magic Mondays is a positive and motivating start to the week, encouraging the pursuit of joy and positivity every day.

This may all sound rather whimsical, but investing in yourself is an investment in your business when you work for yourself. Leaning in to play, joy, and adventure means you’ll show up at your best for your loved ones AND your clients.

Also, maybe it’s ok to do these non-work things just because you WANT to – you deserve to live a life less ordinary if that’s what you dream of.

“A life less ordinary” means different things to each of us – whether you want to shape your business around your health, your introversion, you just want to spend more time at the beach, or you want to support loved ones… I’ll help you become the type of boss who gives you permission to do things your way.

If you prioritise work and others above finding joy every day, Magic Mondays gives you gentle nudges to make time for yourself


Join me for a Magic Mondays and you’ll receive:​

Julia Davies, life coach, drinking a cup of tea

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