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Want some help doing that thing?!

Let's be honest, it can be really tough doing everything on your own when you work for yourself, and sometimes it's really useful (and, quite frankly, a relief) to have someone who is unwaveringly on your side

Here at Julia Davies Coaching, my mission is to help you proactively create the life and business you want (and if a little quiet rebellion happens along the way . . .  I’m here for it!)

Quick links to my services:

CEO Day Workbook

A self-led exploration of everything that’s going on for you in life and business at the moment, and support to piece that together in a way that feels balanced and nourishing

Solution Session

A impactful yet gentle session to untangle your thoughts and make a tailor-made plan for your next adventure (in life or business!)

1-to-1 coaching

I have 3 spaces to work together currently. If you're ready to make some changes and you'd like some nurturing support, let's do this?!

When we work for ourselves we learn to wear many hats - but learning to be a good boss to ourselves is often forgotten

Each way of working with me has been designed to help you make your own rules in business, take time to focus on your wellbeing (before you reach burnout), and embrace a life filled with things that make you feel bloomin’ awesome.

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

Julia Davies on the beach in Worthing

If you’re sat there thinking “ergh yes that’s me all over”, let’s have a (totally no obligation) chat to see how I could support you.

Julia Davies at home in Worthing

What could happen if you become the best boss you've ever had?

Working with Julia has changed my attitude towards work so that I now have a sustainable way of making money, that I find creatively fulfilling, whilst also having the time to have a full social life and do the things I love to do outside of work.

You can have a successful business AND live a life that feels nourishing, creative and adventurous!

It can feel a bit scary booking coaching, particularly if you’ve not had coaching before. By daring to book your first group programme or 1-to-1 session, it’s a commitment to yourself that you don’t want to just live life on autopilot any more… that you want mini-adventures and daily tiny moments of joy and to feel nourished and motivated. 

Firstly, I promise you, you’re not asking too much. It IS possible to run your own business AND meet your own wants and needs as well. And it’s also more than ok to be striving for contentment rather than smashing any financial or career goals!

So, how can we work together?

I’m an honest and gentle qualified life and business coach (and an NLP Practitioner too) for women who work for themselves. I’ll be cheering your wins and supporting you through any wobbles. When you have my support you really know about it – my clients describe me as their Business Big Sister!

My superpower is balancing the practical stuff with any mindset gremlins that pop up. And I’ve got a ton of analogies ready to help you understand what’s going on in your brain for those “grrrr” moments! You’ll always leave my sessions with a set of really actionable tasks (tailored to you, of course) to get you taking steps towards where you want to be. 

1-to-1 services:

1-to-1 coaching

During a 3-month 1-to-1 package, you'll learn to trust yourself and to proactively make decisions that support your wants and needs. You'll become the best boss you've ever had, and I'll be by your side every step of the way.
3 places currently availably to start in 2023.

Solution session

An impactful yet gentle way to untangle your thoughts and decide on the next steps in your business. After the session, I'll be supporting you for the next month via email. You'll end the month feeling motivated to approach your next season of work with more clarity and focus, all with a side-helping of quiet rebellion.

Digital downloads:

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CEO Day Workbook

A self-led exploration to support you as you work ON your business instead of IN it, and tools and exercises to help you piece that together in a way that feels balanced and nourishing. If you want access to the exact methods I use during my own CEO Days, this is for you.

Self-care for the self-employed

When you work for yourself, your wellbeing is the foundation that your business is built on. This workbook is to help you ensure your self-care isn't just bubble baths and chocolate cake (although that does sound kinda appealing right now!!)
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Julia is kind, supportive, genuine and thoughtful, I wholeheartedly recommend her.