Digital download – CEO day workbook

Ready to ditch the overwhelm, the shoulds and the relentless to-do lists?

→ It's time to edit your life and business so you feel GLORIOUSLY nourished!

Step off that hamster wheel and allow yourself the space to DREAM - and I'll help you make it happen ♡

Do you dream of a working day that feels calm and fulfilling – a work schedule that feels energising and full of ease?


Are you excited by the idea of spending time in nature every single day – from walks with a small biz pal, to a quiet cuppa on the beach in the morning, or even paddleboarding adventures?!


Are you feeling the nudges to start putting your wellbeing before your business needs? To start trusting what your body is telling you it needs. To say yes to yourself more than you say yes to your clients.

☆ The CEO Day Workbook has been designed just for you ☆

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not your fault you feel overwhelmed, unable to focus and relentlessly rushing!

You were taught from an early age that working hard is the best way to get rewarded, that productivity is basically the most important thing in the entire world, and that money makes the world go round.

Nope. No more of that, no thanks. Not on my watch.

Society is broken. It’s time to make your own rules.

I’ll be honest, your inner Good Girl will still love it when you’ve had a day smashing through a to-do list or earnt a bit more than expected one month. The conditioning has been embedded for years, so of course that will be the case.

But the praise from your inner Good Girl is nowhere near as great as the feeling of paddleboarding on a Tuesday at 2pm when you “should” be working, planning your work schedule around going for a swim or a walk (or taking a nap), and giving yourself permission to live a full life NOW rather than waiting until you’re “successful” by society’s standards.


A 45-page PDF workbook packed full of impactful tools and techniques to help you edit your life and business so it feels gloriously nourishing

The CEO Day Workbook costs £45

Read on to find out more about what’s inside

Since working with Julia I have a better work life balance and I have learned that play and rest are essential parts of my work – and this has been life changing!

What exactly is a CEO Day ?!

A CEO Day is to provide you with space to explore all the ideas and thoughts you’ve been gathering, and piece them together building up a clear picture of what’s next for you. 

If you dreamt of a nourishing life of freedom and flexibility when you started your business – but now it feels more like overwhelm, endless to-do lists and an unexpected number of different hats to wear – jump off that hamster wheel for a moment. Join me in pausing purposefully to put together an action plan to get you back on track.

You’ll end your CEO Day with renewed love for your business, motivation to commit to your own personal wellbeing, and clarity around how your life and business compliment each other. 

I want you to know that you don’t have to scrap everything and start again. Tiny changes can have a powerful impact.

And what's in the CEO Day Workbook?

  • A chunky PDF filled with exercises to help you define what you want and need in terms of your wellbeing, life and work
  • Guides you through the process I use 3-4 times a year to plan my life and businesses
  • Encouragement to prioritise your wellbeing and lifestyle over your business’s endless to-do list
  • Access to my open office hours on Voxer to share wins and wobbles

It’s moved me from having a head swirling constantly with all the things I “should” be doing, to being able to sit back and really focus on what I want and need to be doing. 

Julia Davies, life and business coach, at home in Worthing

Hi, I'm Julia - aka your Business Big Sister

If we’ve not met, hi and welcome!

I’m a quiet rebel, sea obsessed, highly curious, Yorkshire tea drinker, deep thinker, idealist, boundaries enthusiast, 50% homebody 50% wanderer, introvert (INFJ), and avid small business supporter. I have a freelance editing business as well as being a coach.

My coaching clients call me their Business Big Sister because of the honest but gentle support they receive. I go all in when you’re my client, and I’m a big fan of an analogy. There’s a great one about pizza in the workbook!

My mission is to support you as you rebel against busyness and rushing, and edit your life and business so you feel gloriously nourished ♡

The CEO Day Workbook is for you if:

  • You’re open to exploring what your life and business could look like if you prioritise your wellbeing and lifestyle
  • You have an attitude of curiosity when it comes to running your business
  • You are ready to take (small, considered) action towards your goals
  • You’re sick of going along with society’s expectations – that’s just not going to work for you in the long-term
  • You’re just freaking tired of saying “next week will be better” – you’re ready to actually make that happen for yourself

The CEO Day Workbook is not for you if:

  • You want me to fix your problems
  • You love the hustle and relish “pushing through”
  • You’re looking for 1-to-1 support
  • You love your desk and productivity is your main goal
  • You’re looking for a coach to give you a blueprint for 10k months

You’ll pay through my (secure) website, then a download link will be sent to you immediately, along with a receipt (so you can expense it!).

Follow the link to download the PDF to your laptop.

Because I know you have a sizeable stash of beautiful stationery, the PDF isn’t editable – you’ll write your plans and notes and dreams in your fave notebook to refer back to on your next CEO Day!

The CEO Day Workbook will provide a gentle and supportive structure to help you edit your life and business and create a feeling of being gloriously nourished

Julia is an incredible guide and coach, who embodies gentleness but challenges you to achieve your own transformation

Q&A on CEO Days

If you have a question about CEO Days, you might find that it’s already been answered in my blog post here. If you have another question, please do get in touch via email here

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