3-Months 1-to-1 Coaching

☆ Nurturing coaching for lifelong Good Girls ☆

Do you find yourself being a bit of a mean - frankly disrespectful - boss to yourself sometimes?!

→ Good Girls, let's enter into conversation with your inner Quiet Rebel, and together we'll edit your business so you feel gloriously nourished

Intrigued? Read on...

Do you dream of a working day that allows you to down tools and get your walking boots on if the mood takes you – but you can’t bear the guilt of leaving your desk while are still to-do lists to tick off? 


Do you say yes to your clients way more than you say yes to yourself (while beating yourself up about needing to change).
You’re so ready to reclaim your time and freedom so you can enjoy more solo micro adventures (hi fellow introverts), read that dusty pile of books by your bed, or do that pottery class.


Are you feeling the nudges to make some changes in your business? (perhaps burnout, or overwhelm, or just a feeling that running your own business was supposed to be more fun than this?)
But you’ve always put other people first, so you don’t know where to start when asked what your version of success is?

Hi fellow Good Girl, I get it - that people pleasing, perfectionism, and fear of being visible is a challenging place to grow your business from

But the small biz world needs more big-hearted, deeply passionate people like us

→ and, by nurturing your inner Quiet Rebel, you can learn to trust your decisions, maintain healthy boundaries with ease, and edit your business so it meets your wants and needs

I currently have 3 spaces for 1-to-1 clients starting in September 2022 - is one of those spaces yours?

SPOILER ALERT: Rebelling against society’s “rules” won’t make you a bad person

My mission is for you to become the best boss you’ve ever had:

  • a thoughtful boss who takes your professional hopes, needs and dreams into consideration
  • a flexible boss who listens to what your body is telling you
  • a respectful boss who understands your need for a meaningful life outside work

I know you’ve already learnt to wear a LOT of different hats, but being a good boss to yourself is a tough one to learn when you’ve been a Good Girl all your life. People pleasing, all of societies “shoulds” and expectations from friends and family often mean you don’t always make decisions for your business that support the kind of life you want to be living.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your demanding to-do lists, but maybe also a bit… (dare I say it?!) underwhelmed by life right now … I can help.

Together we’ll get to know your inner Quiet Rebel – and start to allow her to voice opinions alongside the Good Girl who’s been following you around for years.

  • You’ll ditch the guilt of leaving your desk during 9-5 when a walk followed by cake is really what would most nourish your creativity
  • You’ll feel confident saying “no, not right now” to a pre-10am Zoom call when your energy levels tell you that starting your day with a chapter of a book is more appealing 
  • You’ll turn “I wish I could take Fridays off” – and other things you stare out the window dreaming of when you’re supposed to be scheduling social media posts – into your current reality
  • And your life and business will feel gloriously nourishing, physically and emotionally
Julia Davies at home in Worthing

Rebelling is doing what feels good instead of what looks good

During our coaching sessions, we will explore (maybe for the first time!) what you really want your life and work to FEEL like.

→ Whether you already have your own business and you’re more than ready to make some changes, or you’re setting up a new business and you want to get it right… this coaching programme is for you

Just imagine stepping (gently) away from the Good Girl persona that’s been following you around since you were a child and asking what your inner Quiet Rebel has to say!

Coaching has moved me from having a head swirling constantly with all the things I “should” be doing, to being able to sit back and really focus on what I want and need to be doing

3 months of nurturing coaching, tailored to your needs

Maybe you’ve never found the time to think about where your life is heading, or maybe (like I used to) you actively avoid thinking about the future as it’s too overwhelming and scary. As your coach, I believe that you already have all of the answers inside you. My aim is to help you stop looking to others (family/friends/society) to work out what it is you want, and dare to give yourself permission to acknowledge what you really want deep down. I’ll guide you towards discovering what’s really right for you rather than what you think you “should” do.

We’ll untangle the messy ideas and unmade decisions you’ve been carrying for ages, and then we’ll make plans that make you breathe a sigh of relief because they feel so right. 

I want you to know that you don’t have to scrap everything and start again. Tiny changes can have a powerful impact.

What you can expect from coaching with Julia:

  • We’ll start off with a 90-min Zoom call (or face to face if you live near me in Worthing or just fancy a trip to the coast!). We’ll get clear on where you are now and what direction you’d like to be heading in
  • Once a month we’ll have a call and we’ll review how things have been going and clarify what you want to work on going forward. We’ll chat through anything you’ve been finding challenging and celebrate any wins
  • Between sessions you’ll have access to me on email and Voxer during my office hours
  • I’ll also be your accountability buddy (if you want me to!) and help you create good habits that support your goals and dreams
  • Each person’s journey will be different so your sessions will be tailored to your needs

It’s moved me from having a head swirling constantly with all the things I “should” be doing, to being able to sit back and really focus on what I want and need to be doing. 

Julia Davies, life and business coach, at home in Worthing

Hi, I'm Julia - aka your Business Big Sister

If we’ve not met, hi and welcome!

I’m a quiet rebel, sea obsessed, highly curious, Yorkshire tea drinker, deep thinker, idealist, boundaries enthusiast, 50% homebody 50% wanderer, introvert (INFJ), and avid small business supporter. I have a freelance editing business as well as being a coach.

My coaching clients call me their Business Big Sister because of the honest but gentle support they receive. I go all in when you’re my client, and I’m a big fan of an analogy. I’m also a big fan of sea salt and black pepper kettle chips. 

My mission is to support you as you rebel against busyness and rushing, and edit your life and business so you feel gloriously nourished ♡

Coaching with Julia is for you if:

  • You feel stuck being the “good girl” – this could show up as people-pleasing tendencies, a need to make your family proud, or a feeling like you need to be sensible and follow the expectations society has for you
  • The thought of someone being there holding you accountable and giving you a pep talk when everything feels a bit much makes you breathe a huge sigh of relief
  • You dream of doing good in the world, having great adventures, and living a contented life filled with happy memories and meaningful moments (and perhaps this excites you more than any kind of work could, and has always made you feel a bit ashamed)
  • You never seem to have time to do things that feel meaningful to you – whether that’s working on a creative project or learning a new skill, it always seems to drop off the bottom of your to do list
  • You’ve always made sensible decisions before but after the last couple of years it’s time to do something different!

Coaching with Julia is not for you if:

  • You want me to fix your problems
  • You’re not in a place to be able to genuinely afford it right now (I would never advocate stretching yourself financially to pay for coaching)
  • You want a structured course or programme
  • It’s all about the money for you (to the exclusion of everything else in life) – my coaching is always holistic, covering wellbeing, life, and business no matter what your original goals are
  • You don’t have capacity (time/energy/emotional) to commit to a set of coaching sessions where I will likely ask you some soul-searching questions

If we don’t know each other already, it’s often a good idea to book a (totally no obligation) virtual cuppa on Zoom to get to know each other a bit and so you can ask any questions.

When you decide to go ahead with a coaching package, you’ll pay through my (secure) website, and an email will be sent immediately so you can book in your first session, along with a receipt (so you can expense the coaching!).

I’ll also send you an online form to fill in so I can get the ball rolling with tailoring the coaching sessions to your needs.

Are you ready to become the best boss you've ever had - a gentle, respectful and nurturing boss who supports your personal version of success?!

Let's do this! 3 months of support, tailored to your needs ♡

Julia is an incredible guide and coach, who embodies gentleness but challenges you to achieve your own transformation

Q&A on life and business coaching with Julia Davies

A Good Girl is a polite, selfless, modest woman who has grown up shouldering a whole bunch of society’s expectations and obligations, and is socialised to please others, to the detriment of her own wellbeing. 

She demonstrates people pleasing tendencies, she finds it excruciating to say no, she fears being called out for having divisive opinions, and often doesn’t have a clear idea of her own wants and needs because she’s lived her life crowdsourcing decisions.

I know her, because I am her. Read more about my story here

My inner Good Girl is always going to be a part of me – but these days she’s firmly in the passenger seat rather than the driving seat, and my inner Quiet Rebel gets her say too!

A Quiet Rebel is someone who trusts their own intuition, silently steps out of the race she never wanted to be in and dares to forge her own path. Rebelling means doing what FEELS good instead of what LOOKS good. 

Rebellion doesn’t have to be loud or brash – just quietly going about your business in your own way can create a powerful ripple effect without needing to shout about it!

I believe that society is broken – it’s time to quietly rebel against the toxic productivity, hustle and relentless busyness. It’s time to build a foundation to our business that looks like wellbeing at the top of your to-do list, self-care as part of your business strategy, and having your personal wants and needs met.  Join my quiet rebellion?

At the moment, my 1-to-1 programme is 3 months. You can book another 3 months when that is finished if you want to (and I have availability). 

If that’s not for you right now, check out my CEO Day workbook and Voxer Days.

Yes, of course. There’s two links above to either pay in full or pay in installments. If you’d like to spread the cost further that’s fine too – just get in touch and we will work something out. Of course the overall cost will remain the same if you pay in full or in installments.

Yes, definitely. I’m about to write a blog post all about goals, so watch this space! 

The best way to find out whether we are right for each other is to book a virtual cuppa so we can have a relaxed (free, no obligation!) chat and get to know each other a bit. 

Yes, I’m a qualified Personal Performance Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner, and have been coaching for 5 years.

If you have another question, please do get in touch via email here

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