No spend ’19 – do you know where your money is going?

So this year I’m doing a “no spend 19”. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s really important to know where your money is going. Now, I’m not a minimalist (more “minimalish”); I don’t have a capsule wardrobe; and “stuff” seems to breed in my cupboards… but I do spend too much of my money on “stuff” I don’t need or even want. “Stuffocation” is a word that has resonated with me for quite a few years and now, finally, I feel it’s time to do something about it. I’m fearful of sharing this as it means I might actually have to stick to it – I’m relying on you to be my accountability buddy!

So, here it is: I’ve decided that 2019 is the year of not buying new clothes. It’s no spend 19.

What does no spend 19 look like?

Now, I’m not a very big spender, but I do have a tendency to buy a quick fix, particularly if there’s a sale on or if I’ve been sent a “VIP discount code”! I’m a total sucker for a bargain! But now I feel like I’ve got enough Boden Breton tops to last the year. And I’ve got other more important things to spend money on, like a roadtrip in Canada in the autumn – so excited!!

There are a few caveats to this (here we go, trying to get out of it already!):

  • Underwear (when you need it, you need it)
  • Jeans (I have a terrible habit of hoicking up my jeans using my belt loops and I managed to tear one right off my favourite pair last week – gutted)
  • A bridesmaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding (massive yay!!)

Last year I bought quite a lot of new clothes (hello new sequin skirt!), but this year it feels important to spend money more intentionally – I need to know where my money is going. My mantra for 2018 was “Be more me”. I used that as permission to buy lots of clothes that I felt suited the me I’ve always fancied being. This year, I’m comfortable with the wardrobe I’ve created, so it’s time to stop adding to it and start wearing it.

I’ve not even mentioned the sustainability part of this. Green living is massively important to me… perhaps I’ll update you on that in a progress post later in the year. Reducing consumption is something that we all need to consider at this stage. We need to change the direction the planet is heading in environmentally.

Anyway, what are my tactics? I’m unsubscribing from emails that seem to taunt me daily with “unbelievable savings”. And I’ve got my other half on board with my plan for accountability and support. Could you do it? Do you have any tips for me?! Let me know by getting in touch here.

2 thoughts on “No spend ’19 – do you know where your money is going?”

  1. Absolutely love this idea! It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do but like 2018 you I feel like I’m still finding my style at the moment. 2019 is definitely a year of cutting down, but completely cutting out buying isn’t a step I’m ready to take yet, but 2020 may be my year! I’d say definitely try and find different ways of styling different outfits, maybe take a look on Pinterest at your sort of style and try and work the same outfit into a different style – this is something I’ve done a lot this year and it’s stopped me from feeling like I’m always wearing the same thing – and on the up side, no ones noticed! Good luck with it all! Xx

  2. Love this! I think I could honestly do it, I really don’t buy many clothes for myself. When I do I’ve tried to train myself to buy things that are versatile and long lasting. Though I still have blips of “oh dear I bought that on a day I didn’t feel great about myself!” I think this is a great and totally achievable goal for the year. Especially if you built a wardrobe that you’re happy with last year. Good luck with it and I hope it makes you dig out clothes and get creative with the current wardrobe!

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