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Simplicity strategist benefits of simplifying your life

4 benefits of simplifying your life

What are the benefits of simplifying your life? I hear you – you don’t want to throw away most of your belongings, you’re too busy to take on a new lifestyle, and you can’t even decide what to have for dinner let alone decide what goals you’ve got for the next 5 years. And… breathe. …

how can i make my life feel simpler_Julia Davies_TheSimplicity Strategist

How can I make my life feel simpler?

When I say I try to embrace simplicity in my life, people aften ask me “How can I make my life feel simpler?”. My journey towards living a simpler life began when I stopped listening to all those noisy “shoulds” that are flying at you from society, via Instagram, from your friends and family (however …

Julia Davies, aka The Simplicity Strategist, reads a book in her botanic geometric living room

Why it’s important to ask “Who am I?”

Who am I? Hi, I’m Julia, otherwise known as The Simplicity Strategist. I’m a beach-obsessed, plant-hoarding coach, striving for clarity and calm at the centre of everything I do. But that’s actually not exactly what I’m here to talk about today… I’ve had an interesting few weeks of personal discovery and I thought I’d share …