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What is coaching

What is coaching?

What comes to mind when I ask you “What is coaching”? It’s a question I’m sure everyone would answer in a different way. From my perspective, coaching helps you learn about yourself so you can fulfil your potential while working towards goals that feel meaningful to you. Coaching can help you work out what you …

Simplicity strategist benefits of simplifying your life

4 benefits of simplifying your life

What are the benefits of simplifying your life? I hear you – you don’t want to throw away most of your belongings, you’re too busy to take on a new lifestyle, and you can’t even decide what to have for dinner let alone decide what goals you’ve got for the next 5 years. And… breathe. …

how can i make my life feel simpler_Julia Davies_TheSimplicity Strategist

How can I make my life feel simpler?

When I say I try to embrace simplicity in my life, people aften ask me “How can I make my life feel simpler?”. My journey towards living a simpler life began when I stopped listening to all those noisy “shoulds” that are flying at you from society, via Instagram, from your friends and family (however …