My coaching style – why “The Simplicity Strategist”?


I found that once I defined how exactly I wanted to live my life, life felt much simpler: decision-making is easier, I don’t overthink every single tiny detail, I find it easier to say no to things that don’t support the life I want to be living. I’ll help you go through this process of working out exactly what success means to you.


I’m practical and logical, and I love to make a plan! Once you have worked out what your vision is, we break things down into manageable chunks and get to work making a solid strategy of how to get you there. We explore the different paths you could take, and then make an action plan of how you’re going to move forward. I’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

I take a holistic view of you and your business

If, like me, you love what you do, it’s so easy to end up working every hour of every day. That’s not for me. And it’s not for you either – it’s not sustainable, it’s not healthy, and it’s not what you wanted your life to look like when you decided to quit the 9-5, is it?

I take a holistic view of your life and work, and help you put strategies and boundaries in place to create the foundations of your business – a nourishing and creative life in which you can flourish, with a focus on creating the entrepreneur life you dreamt of when you first decided to quit the 9-5.

Building solid foundations is absolutely essential to your business’s success. We’re all familiar with the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, and I believe you can’t run a thriving business unless you are thriving yourself. Putting your own needs first isn’t selfish, it’s an essential part of your business strategy.

Are you a tiny bit worried that life is passing you by while you work on your business?

Picture yourself in 2 years time. If you can't bear the thought of life staying how it is now, act now to put in place a solid plan to make sure your business keeps thriving - and you start living the entrepreneur life you always dreamt of.